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August 2018

Wow! It's been a busy and hot summer at Reconsidered Goods. Thanks for everyone sweating it out with us through this hotter than usual month. Being in a warehouse is great for space, but not great for climate control. So thanks for still coming in to shop, attending classes and donating despite the heat.

Speaking of donations, in July we took in 7 TONS of donations. That is our highest month so far! That's 7 tons of things that will be reused and not heading to the landfill. Because of the many generous donations, we decided to have a 50% off sale last week to help with our limited space. We love receiving good stuff, but 7 tons is a lot!!! So we thought we'd give customers a chance to save some money and it helped us make a little breathing room on the sales floor. Getting these items out to people for reuse is our mission. So when our cup runneth over, we like to pay it forward to our loyal customers. That is just one more way RG is here for the community and here becaus…