December newsletter

Hello RG friends,

I can't believe we are well on our way into December! This is a great month to take inventory of what you actually use in your homes. As you make room for decorations and gifts, take a look and see what you might want to pass on for a clean start to the New Year. As always, your donations to Reconsidered Goods are tax deductible and we are always happy to get you a donation form.

Speaking of donations, November was another great month of amazing things arriving for reuse.
8.3 tons of materials were brought to us to find a reuse purpose!! Thanks to everyone who donated. Based on the latest scientific climate change report, we have lots of work to do to make our planet clean. Reuse/Reducing is THE best way to lessen the impact on our climate in our every day consumer lives. Reusing is better than recycling because it saves the energy that comes with having to dismantle and re-manufacture products. It also significantly reduces waste and pollution because it reduces …

October/November newsletter

The Fall has gotten away from us. If we weren't having a Hurricane, we were just busy. But we are excited to have moved on to November and to bring you news of RG happenings and excitement.

We have added 3 new members to our team. Sue, Courtney and Molly are volunteers that have moved into staff positions. They are all great additions to the team and we are grateful to have the extra hands on deck. Say hello to them at check out if you see them.

Because of the extra help, we are able to be open on Mondays for November and December!! Our new hours are as follows:

Monday 10-5
Tuesday 10-5
Wednesday 10-7
Thursday 10-5
Friday 10-5
Saturday 10-5 
Sunday 12-5

*Special dates to make note of*:

The 2nd round of our BIG VINYL SALE will start Monday 11/12
We will be closing early (at 3:00) on Wednesday November 21
Closed Thanksgiving Day November 22
We WILL be open on Black Friday and have fun and exciting sales planned!!!

October brought in lots of donations, despite the multiple storms in the area…

Reconsidered Goods Newsletter : September 2018

Hello to everyone. What a weird month September has been so far! The hurricane has invaded a good portion of this month and it's still hanging around. But Fall is around the corner and cooler temps should be here soon.

Hours: Closed Monday Tuesday, Thursday, Friday Saturday 10-5 Wednesday 10-7 Sunday 12-5 Donations are accepted all days we are open
***When dropping off donations, it is very helpful if they are dropped off  30 minutes before our closing time if possible***
We are available for speaking engagements about reuse and our mission, field trips, birthday parties, and fairs. Please reach out to us if you have an event or group that would like to know more about creative reuse.

In the month of August, RG accepted 7 tons of donated materials into our facility to be diverted from the waste stream. We've added Fall/Halloween decorations to the sales floor and have an ongoing supply of Christmas items available as well. We would like to say thank you to all of the customers who sho…

August 2018

Wow! It's been a busy and hot summer at Reconsidered Goods. Thanks for everyone sweating it out with us through this hotter than usual month. Being in a warehouse is great for space, but not great for climate control. So thanks for still coming in to shop, attending classes and donating despite the heat.

Speaking of donations, in July we took in 7 TONS of donations. That is our highest month so far! That's 7 tons of things that will be reused and not heading to the landfill. Because of the many generous donations, we decided to have a 50% off sale last week to help with our limited space. We love receiving good stuff, but 7 tons is a lot!!! So we thought we'd give customers a chance to save some money and it helped us make a little breathing room on the sales floor. Getting these items out to people for reuse is our mission. So when our cup runneth over, we like to pay it forward to our loyal customers. That is just one more way RG is here for the community and here becaus…

Reconsidered Goods Monthly Newsletter July 2018

Well hello and welcome to our first monthly newsletter post. We are approaching our second year of being opened for business at our Patterson Street home and wanted to keep our customers, donors and fans up to date on what is happening in the world of creative reuse at Reconsidered Goods.

Just a little history, for those that are new to us:
Reconsidered Goods was established in January 2016. We received a Spark Grant from Action Greensboro to launch a Pop-Up shop in downtown Greensboro. This grant helped us to show just what fun creative reuse could be to our city. Martha, Paige and Joesph started planning our business and gathered together with some other environmental enthusiast to form our board of directors. After finding the perfect location, we opened our doors in September 2016. And here we are today!

We began weighing our donation intake in the beginning of 2018. YTD, we have diverted 58,442 pounds of items to reuse instead of to the landfill. Thanks for all of our great dono…