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January 2019 Newsletter

Happy New Year!! 2018 has come and gone and what a year it was. Thanks to everyone that generously donated or shopped at RG to help us make this a wonderful year of reuse magic.

In December, we took in 7.9 tons of items in donations. Some items were forwarded on to other great non-profit programs such as IRC and the Teacher's Warehouse. For the year 2018, we diverted a total of 69.12 tons from our local waste stream!! Great job guys! That's a huge amount of items that would have landed in our local landfill, but found new homes and new uses. This is the essence of what RG strives for. All of those donations being received creates green jobs for RG, reduces our waste, helps someone afford supplies or items needed, and items are reused without buying new. The community has embraced this concept and because of you, RG is thriving and growing. So thanks for the support in every way!