December newsletter

Hello RG friends,

I can't believe we are well on our way into December! This is a great month to take inventory of what you actually use in your homes. As you make room for decorations and gifts, take a look and see what you might want to pass on for a clean start to the New Year. As always, your donations to Reconsidered Goods are tax deductible and we are always happy to get you a donation form.

Speaking of donations, November was another great month of amazing things arriving for reuse.
8.3 tons of materials were brought to us to find a reuse purpose!! Thanks to everyone who donated. Based on the latest scientific climate change report, we have lots of work to do to make our planet clean. Reuse/Reducing is THE best way to lessen the impact on our climate in our every day consumer lives. Reusing is better than recycling because it saves the energy that comes with having to dismantle and re-manufacture products. It also significantly reduces waste and pollution because it reduces the need for raw materials, saving both forests and water supplies. So if you feel overwhelmed by the news about climate change, just remember little changes make a difference too.

We would like to thank VF for sponsoring us with a financial gift. These funds will help us to further our non-profit mission by allowing us to get out into the schools and community to raise awareness about reuse and the environment through art.

Did you hear about our December Holiday Makers Market? It's a drop-in on-going crafting event. For $8 you can chose from one of the 2 crafts offered that week and create some holiday fun (or do both for $16). Meet up with friends or family, bring the kids, (bring drinks and snacks if you wish)..... It's a great way to get into the Holiday spirit without making a mess in your own house. Visit our Events page on Facebook for more details.


Laura is also hosting weekly storytimes for our little RG friends for the month of December. 

Join us Thursdays this December for Full Steam Ahead Storytime Book Club at Reconsidered Goods! Children from ages birth to 5, along with their caretakers, are invited for STEAM powered fun focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. Children of all abilities are welcome to this fun-filled learning experience.

Have you ordered your Wilson The Shop Cat 2019 calendar yet? It's not too late....

As a non-profit, we couldn’t do what we do without the community’s support.
With the help of everyone’s favorite shop cat, we have created a 2019 Wilson Calendar ($20 each) to kick off our Giving Tuesday fundraiser. This will be the purrrfect gift for the Wilson fan in your life! 😻

Each sale will go to start a scholarship fund to provide free or low cost field trips for Title 1 schools which may not otherwise be able to afford this unique educational experience. Our year-round field trip program serves to educate students of all ages and abilities on the environmental impacts of reuse and waste reduction through creative, STEAM based art activities. With your support we hope to empower students to creatively express themselves, learn tools to advocate for a healthier environment and support a sustainable future.

We have some altered Holiday Hours for you to make a note of:


We are happy to report that we will continue being open on Mondays in January 2019! If we keep seeing customers coming in that day, we are happy to add that additional day to our workweek.

This month we are highlighting our volunteer Victoria Lare.
She has been volunteering at RG for 9 months. With her love and knowledge of books, she has been our book section Queen. She helps us highlight the best selling novels and digs out the wonderful vintage book donations. Victoria has become a good friend to all of the RG staff and we love her dearly.